International Riesling Day

March 13th marks International Riesling Day, a day we believe is worth celebrating. Riesling is an aromatic white wine grape variety which creates a floral white wine with fruit flavours. Commonly, Riesling can include characteristics such as; light body and aroma of citrus, stonefruit, white flowers and petrol. While the smell of petrol may make you think the wine is not fit for consumption, the smell of petrol is actually the sign of a higher quality Riesling. The factors that lead to the scent of petrol are high exposure to the sun and water stress, which can often result in a higher quality wine. Riesling is naturally high in acidity, which is why it is one of the most popular choices when producing late harvest wines. 

Riesling can be found growing in many places around New Zealand. The most popular regions are Nelson, Marlborough, North Canterbury, Central Otago and Wairarapa. Pair your Riesling with seafood, pork, cheese or a salad dish. Citrus and vinaigrette, garlic or cream sauces are also all great matches. Riesling can be enjoyed with a wide range of Asian cuisine, and for an optimal drinking experience, be served at 7 degrees celsius. If you plan on cellaring your Riesling wine, it is suggested that ir can be kept for anywhere between 1.5 years to 5+ years. 

Mission Estate Riesling Photo

Tne History of Riesling

The International Riesling Foundation states that the first recorded reference to the Riesling variety appears in Germany in the 1st Century A.D. However, Riesling did not become documented until the 15th century, where it was grown in the Rheingau area. Not long after, Riesling was recorded to be grown in the Mosel Valley, both of which are in Germany. 

It is thought that the Riesling variety is most likely to be a descendant of a wild vine, Vitis vinifera sylvestris which is native to Germany. 

Mission Estate Riesling

Sourced from some of the best Hawke’s Bay vineyards, our Mission Estate Riesling is expressive and vibrant. The style is Medium dry, with an abundance of floral notes, quince, stonefruit, and fresh lemon and lime. The palate is crisp and luxurious with a long length. 

Our Mission Estate wines are made from classic varieties, fruit-driven, and immensely approachable. They are bursting with flavour, affordable, and perfect for everyday occasions. 

Technical Specifications

Alcohol 11.9%

Acidity 6.2g/L

Residual Sugar 5g/L

pH 3.20